Inspired by the dramatic potential of a 1400 SF loft space
with three exposures and sweeping Hudson River views, we
created an ethereal space for our stage director client. The
client requested a bedroom, large bath, and living space.
We developed an architectural response that embraces the
local landscape of ever changing skies, curving terra cotta
chimney stacks, river views, and cool water breezes that
pass through the loft.

We conceived the loft both as part of the gritty waterfront
landscape of the West Village as well as a space that marks
time as the daylight changes. Two gently curved walls give
form to the program in a subtle yet powerful gesture.
Luminous screens of rice paper laminated glass and
translucent doors add an ever-changing layer of ephemeral
interaction between spaces as the light changes with the
passing day.

Materials such as artisan mixed plaster, running bond terra
cotta tiles, hand rubbed blackened steel, and custom
pigments on exposed brick are intended to bring some of the
tactile quality of the West Village’s industrial environment
into the apartment. We kept the exterior windows open to
views and used interior windows to sustain a sense of
relationship with the river and sky. Accent pieces of custom
blue glass used in unexpected places refer to the myriad
blues of the Hudson and the western sky at sunset.